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UNAIDS and partners are supporting countries to review their district level male circumcision data before using those data in a model to estimate district level VMMC coverage.  In 2020/21 we will support countries to use the DMPPT2 model developed by Avenir Health to estimate VMMC coverage and set targets.  In 2021/22 the VMMC data for the 15 VMMC priority countries will also be pulled into the HIV estimates process.

We recommend that countries store the templates used to create the DMPPT2 model in the AIDS Data Repository (ADR).  

Four steps are required for this process.

  1. Avenir Health has created prepopulated templates (with districts and male population included by district) for each country.  You will need to download that file from Avenir Health’s page within ADR (available here).
  2. Once you have downloaded the template, check the district names, the population data, and update the file with the VMMC data.
  3. After updating the template you can pull it into the validation tool (available here). Review the displays in the vallidation tool to identify possible errors. Correct those asa feasible.  Be sure to notify districts of any corrections and help the district team improve the system to avoid future errors.
  4. Finally, once you have validated the data (and made any required corrections) you should create a new VMMC dataset, or package on the ADR here:

               Create VMMC Dataset

Please specify the country and year in your package title e.g. "Botswana VMMC 2020", include the "VMMC" tag, and ensure you set the GeoLocation field to the correct country.  You will then be asked to upload the data file as a "Resource" in the package.  Please allow access to Avenir Health when you are creating this resource as  Avenir Health will run the DMPPT2 model for you.  To include the Avenir Health organisation while uploading the file see the below instructions:




For questions or clarifications regarding the VMMC data or process, please contact or your UNAIDS office.  For questions about ADR please contact